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What Level is my StarSkater?


In order to align with Skate Canada's new Star 1-Gold Levels, the Glencoe Skating Club has divided ice sessions by Skate Canada Test levels. Please find below the levels and requirements below.

STAR 1 (Preliminary)Group Lessons: A skater may move to STARSkate group figure skating lessons as early as completion of CanSkate Stage 5. Star 1 (Preliminary) STARSkaters will complete CanSkate Stage 6 in group figure skating lessons.

The Preliminary (Star 1 level) is a bridging program between CanSkate and STARSkate.  It is designed to fast track skaters from the CanSkate Program who are keen on furthering their figure skating skills.  

Preliminary skaters are taught figure skating skills in a fun, progressive and sequential manner.  They are taught in groups by nationally certified,  professional Skate Canada figure skating coaches in a fun and safe environment. 

Skaters still follow the national Skate Canada CanSkate badge recognition program and are tested continuously by the coaches.

Star 2-3 (Junior) - A skater may skate on a Star 2-3 session upon completion of: The Star 1 Free Skate and skills OR Star 3 Skills OR the complete Star 3 Dance. Private coaching is recommended as only 30 minutes of group instruction is offered.

Star 3-4 (Intermediate) - A skater may skate on a Star 3-4 session upon completion of: The complete Star 2 Freeskate OR Star 5 Skills OR the complete Star 5 Dance. Private coaching is highly recommended as only 15 minutes of group instruction is offered.

Star 5+ (Senior): Axel Plus Skills (must land axelA skater may skate on a Star 5+ (Senior) session upon completion of 2 of: Star 4 Free Skate (Elements and Solo), Star 7 Dance, Star 7 Skills. Private coaching is required to skate on this session. No group instruction is offered.

If you have any question about which tests your skater has passed, please email or contact your private coach.