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Covid-19 Policies


· Masks are mandatory within the Southwest Middlesex Arena as per the municipality and Middlesex Public Health. Skaters do not have to wear a mask on the ice, but all coaches and PA’s will be wearing one for all sessions. It is at the parent’s discretion if they wish their child to wear a mask out on the ice.

. A hired staff member will be conducting the proof of vaccination procedure. Please see our municipalities website for more clarification of this procedure.

· Health Screening and contact tracing will be conducted on all participants and spectators. Each child participant can have 4 spectators during their scheduled program time. For the participants in the Parent and Child programs the adult participant will be counted as 1 of their spectators.

· Social distancing must be maintained throughout the facility unless you are from the same household or social circle.

· Coaches and PA’s must always keep a 2m distance from skaters. Hands on coaching is prohibited. If your child cannot get up and move on their own, they cannot be registered in CanSkate 1-4 program this year. The Parent and Child session has been created to allow these children to go on the ice with a parent/guardian who can give them hands on assistance. These parents must also wear a CSA approved hockey helmet that is within 5 years of the manufacture date on the sticker if their skating level is below CanSkate Stage 5.

· All skaters must maintain a 2m distance from other skaters on the ice at all times. If skaters are unable to follow this rule despite reminders from the coaches or program assistants, they will be asked to leave the ice.

· Please bring your child ready to go on the ice and carry only the minimum number of personal belongings into the arena to help reduce the spread of infection. The benches around the rink are labelled with with X's to indicate where skaters can sit safely distanced apart from one another. Dressing rooms will not be open for skating programs and the bench in the hallway is not to be used as well.

. Signage is placed throughout the arena to direct the flow of traffic. 

· We have kept program sizes to a maximum of 12 participants for this season. One exception is the CanPower program where the maximum participant program size is 20 (this program will be split in 2 groups and they are the only program running on the ice for that time). Two programs may be ran at the same time on the ice but the ice will be divided into two halves to run these programs separately on the ice. We ask that you please exit the building after your session as quickly as possible as all high touch surfaces must be cleaned between each session.

· If a skater misses one of their regular sessions, they will NOT be able to make up the session in another time slot. This will keep the children’s skating social circle as small as possible.

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